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Investment Philosophy

Panin Asset Management firmly believes that the Indonesian capital market is temporarily efficient. Superior investment performance can be achieved through in-depth understanding of investment risks, disciplined investment objectives, as well as research expertise in finding the intrinsic values of investments. Our firm believes that active portfolio management is necessary to generate superior yield.

Three principles underpinning Panin Asset Management’s investment philosophy:


  • Comprehensive assessment of inherent risks involving every investment decision
  • Appropriate responses upon the occurrence of risk
  • Mitigate downside risk through providing cushion of error/ margin of safety for every investment decision
Discipline and Consistency
  • Exercise prudent investment decision making in a disciplined and consistent manner to achieve superior performance
  • Rational investment decisions, unaffected by emotional bias and other vested interests
  • Focus on the agreed target and objective
Value Creation
  • Sharpened expertise in understanding the intrinsic value of an investment
  • Full awareness of the primary investment objective to provide added value creation for clients

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