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Transaction Scheme

Prospective unit holders who wish to purchase PAM mutual funds must first fill out and sign the Candidate Profile Form for Unit Holders.

Prospective customers should also hand in a copy of proof of identity such as Identity Card for a local investor or a passport for foreign investor. A copy of articles of association, NPWP, and identity cards/passports of authorized officials and other supplementary documents are required for institutional investors in accordance with the Know Your Customer Principle by Bapepam – LK.

The provision is stipulated in Bapepam – LK Regulation No. V.D.10 which is the Appendix to Chairman of Bapepam- LK Decision No. Kep-476/BL/2009 dated December 2003, 2009 (“Bapepam Regulation No. V.D.10”).

Candidate Profile Form for Unit Holders should be filled out and signed by first-time investor who wishes to purchase Panin mutual funds.

Mutual fund purchase is done by prospective unit holders by filling out a subscription form and complement it with proof of fund transfer.

Subscription Scheme

Through Selling Agent (Bank)

Pembelian Unit oleh Agen

Through Investment Manager

Pembelian Unit oleh Manager Investasi
IHSG 0.23%
LQ-45 0.03%
ISSI 0.54%
Latest Index: Jan 17 2018
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